Apostolates Departments

 Apostolates Departments

The Eparchy of Ujjain carries out the mission of Christ in this Eparchy through various apostolates guided by the Word of God, the teachings of the Magisterium and in tune with the Vision and Mission of the Eparchy of Ujjain.

Proper functioning of the apostolates are ensured through various commissions with the directors who head them. They function as the executive body to plan, organize, direct and coordinate the apostolates at the eparchial level. These commissions are bodies that help the local Hierarch in carrying out various apostolates in the Eparchy. These Commissions meet at least twice a year. The Directors of various apostolates who head these Commissions present to the local Hierarch an annual written report of the activities of their department. These Commissions coordinate the apostolates at parochial, zonal, district and eparchial level. All Commissions are expected to keep up pastoral and missionary character of the apostolates. They shall function according to the Common Law and Particular Law of the Church, Pastoral Guidelines of the Eparchy and the directives of the Bishop. Each Commission is headed by a priest or a religious with a minimum of 3 members representing priests, religious and lay men and women. Here below is given the area of competence of the Commissions and the names of the Directors of these commissions.

1.Public Relations apostolate:

Missionary apostolate consists mainly building up relationship. The public relation officer (PRO) relates to the general public in view of projection the genuine face of the church.

PRO functions as:

- Official spokesperson of the eparchy

- Link with the commissions at C.B.M.P.,C.C.M.P., C.B.C.I, F.A.B.C and Synod of the Syro-Malabar Church

- Contact person with the government officials , Local administration and civil officials.

- Contact person with the media, Both print and audio-visual media.

- He organizes press conferences, provides write-ups, articles and information to media on behalf of the diocese.


PRO: Rev. Fr Antony Nirappel

Assistant: Rev Fr Jose Pullatt


2.Communication and Media Apostolate:

Modern means of communication and mass media are powerful means of evagelization. Modern means of communication have enabled humanity remain instantaneously connected. Mass media influences the society more than ever. The commission:

- equips the apostolates with modern means of communication in the field of evangelization

- Engages in the production and dissemination to the evangelization materials

- helps the missionaries with media education so that they understand the media language and media culture of the day.

- functions as the link with various media & communication centres of the Church

Director: Rev Fr George Kandathinkara

Finance Administrator: Rev Fr Thomas Vazheeparampil

3.Apostolate of Legal Aid:

The one in charge:-

- attends to the legal matters that affect the eparchy.

- helps the missionaries and institutions in handling court case and legal matters.

- makes the legal advice and material available to the missionaries, laity our collaborators as well as to the people who are in need.

- keeps record of the cases and judgments as well as other documents of legal importance that affect the diocese.

Director: Rev. Fr Joseph Placheril

4.Education Council:

Education council consists of education secretary and  a five member council appointed by the bishop. This council shall help the education secretary to plan, organize, coordinate,direct, supervise and evaluate the educational apostolate in the eparchy as per the all india Catholic Education policy, Policy on education of the Eparchy of Ujjain and the Bye-laws and general rules for the Educational Institutions of the diocese of Ujjain 2008. The functions of the Education secretary and the council are stipulated in these documents. The council has the responsibility to assist the education Secreatary in the proper implementation of the policy on education of the Eparchy of Ujjain It is a body which shall decide up on guidelines for admission and formation of students, norms of appointments and on-going formation of teachers.

Director: Rev. Fr Sebastian Mullamangalam

5.Education Commission:

It has the responsibility to help the Education Secretary in the general administration of the educational institutions of the registered society, the diocese of Ujjain. It shall be guided by the policy on education of the dioceses of Ujjain and The Bye-laws and general Rules for the Educational Institutions of the Diocese of Ujjain 2008. It shall help the Educational Institutions of the Diocese of Ujjain 2008. It shall help the Education Secretary in the eparchy in its general administration such as:

-They study and inspection of the schools before the change of board, and up-gradation of  schools and submission of its findings to the bishop.

- Fixation of syllabus and text books

- Conduct of exams, fixation of fees

- Fixation of salary of the teachers

- providing help in the selection of teachers

- Annual inspection of schools through verification of its records,documents,registers and assessment of the facilities of the school and reporting it to the bishop

- providing legal advice and help in the matters concerning provident fund, professional tax etc

Director:Rev.Fr Sebastian Mullamangalam.

6.Commission for Health care:

The Commission for Health Care, headed by a Director and assisted by members, aims at the development of a healthy society. The commission plans, organizes and supervises health care programmes at eparchial level. The eparchial commission also coordinates parochial, zonal and district level health care programmes. Its main functions are:

- To provide on-going training programmes and updating for the medical personnel in the eparchy of Ujjain.

- To provide logistical advice to existing hospitals, dispensaries in the eparchy.

- To equip itself with legal advice in matters of registration, administration etc.of hospitals, dispensaries and other care centres.

- To provide assistance to deal with medical legal cases.

- To promote preventive aspects of the health care

- To collaborate in the field of health care with KRIPA and MPVSS, saathi and even with other NGOs outside.

- To explore the possibilities of extension of health care facilities through alternative systems of health care.

- To promote health care through schools and other institutions.

- To promote study and research in medical care and health requirements

Director: Rev.Fr Antony Pulickamandapathil

7.Youth Apostolate:

Commission for  Youth plans, organizes and conducts programmes for the adolescent and the Youth, both  Christian as well as non-Christians. The ministry aims at developing the youth power of the eparchy into positive forces in community building and nation building . the commission concentrates on:

- Christian youth training and life guidance programmes.

- faith formation of Christian youth

- Providing leadership training programmes with a view to formation of Christian leadership.

- Deepening of Christian morality among the youth

- Promotion of Christian youth wings.

- Promotion of Christian youth in higher education and competitive exams.

- Organize youth training programmes for youth belonging to all religions.

- celebration of the world youth day

Director: Rev Fr Joseph Neendukunnel

8. Family and Laity Commission:

It plans and organizes the lay members of the Christian faithful (Christifidelis Laici, Apostolic Exhortation of pope john paul II)in the diocese making them aware of their vocation and mission in the church and in the world and plan programmes to enable them for better participation in the life and the apostolate of the church. The following are the areas of priority for the commission:

- On-going faith formation programmes for the laity

- Promotion of family prayer and religious practices in families

- promotion of the word of god oriented life

- Help finding life-partners for our Christian youth

- Organize Marriage preparation courses

- Arrange family guidance programs

- Organize family counseling

- Organize Lay leadership programmes

- promotion of lay participation in Church activities

- Formation of Lay Council

Director: Rev.Fr George Vadakel

9. Women and Children:

The  Commission plans and organizes welfare programmes for women and children. Concentration on women can save entire family and hence women can save entire family and hence women should be given special care. The commission gives privary importance to :

- Faith formation programmes for Christian women

- Welfare programmes for Christian mothers

- adult education programmes for women

- pro-life movements among women

- Vocational training programmes for women

- Vocational training programmes for women

- life guidance programmes for widows and un-wed mothers

- Celebration of womens day

- child welfare programmes

- Health care for children

- care for the domestic working women in the eparchy through occasional get-together, classes and training programmes.

- formation of the children in the hostels and boarding of the diocese.

Directress: Sr Mary S H

10. Catechetics and missionary associations

Catecheses is that form of systematic faith formation programme aimed at Christian religious education through various means. The commission for Catechetics and missionary association plans, organizes and conducts catechetical formation for Christians and those aspiring to be Christians. The commission concertrates mainly on:

- preparation of catechetical materials, especially, on bible and church History

- Organizing faith formation programmes for children, youth and adults

- promoting faith formation through celebrations, devotions and pious practices.

- training programmes for catechism teachers and catechists

- promoting local vocations to priesthood and religious life

- promoting mission animation programmes

- promoting missionary associations and organizations in the eparchy and function as the link with the organizations at universal, national and ecclesial level.

Director: Rev. Fr George Kandathinkara

11.Inter-religious dialogue

The commission is the organ of the eparchy of Ujjain for the promotion of inter-religious dialogue in accordance with the spirit of the second Vatican council, in particular the declaration Nostra Aetate  and post Council,  documents on dialogue such as  Redemptoris  Mission, Ecclesia in Asia and the Mission Policy of the syro-malabar church. It has the following responsibilities:

- dialogue of life and dialogue of action

- promotion of mutual understanding, respect and collaboration between catholics and the followers of other religious traditions  through regular meetings, participation in the feasts and celebration, promotion study etc.

- Encouraging the study of religions. Organizes study and discussion on topics of common interest.

- promotion of the formation of persons dedicated to peace and harmony

- promotion of cultural integration and language studies

- promotion of peace and harmony among various communities and followers of various faiths.

- To promote the prophetic mission of jesus among other religions and cultures.

- To accompany religions and cultures in their pilgrimage towards the final kingdom.

Director: Rev.Fr George Thanninikkumthadathil

12. Ecumenism

Catholic  church considers ecumenism as integral mission of the church. It has the scope of working for the unity of all Christians as Christ wished through various programmes and activities such as:

- Inter-church meetings, seminars, studies and common celebrations

- celebration of the Unity Ocatave

Director: Rev Fr Antony Pulickamandapathil

13. Prayer and Renewal Apostolate

The commission takes the lead to organize spiritual renewal programmes for the Christian faithfuwl in collaboration with the Commissions for family, Laity, youth, women and Children, Catechetics and mission etc. through prayer, faith formation programmes, retteats and recollections,conventions,prayer meetings, celebration of feaset etc.It promotes evangelization activities among people who are disposed to receive faith

Director: Rev.Fr Abraham Pandampadathil

14. Social Apostolate

Social apostolate is the act of evangelization aimed at the integral development of the individual and the community in tune with the gospel values and Christian principles. Social apostolate in the eparchy is carried out under the auspices of KRIPA. Various apostolates are guided by the social doctrine of the church and directives given by the bishop. main functions of this commission are:

- To interact with the common people and to establish good relationship with them.

- To empower the needy people to be self reliant.

- To motivate the prople to form community based organizations

- To encourage the people to fight for their rights

- To educate the people to have access to the government schemes

- To organize non-formal and adult education

- To help the children who are in need

- To empower women for equal rights and opportunities and to educate. The community about the importance and benefits of gender equity.

- To give social health education in collaboration with our hospitals and health centres

- To conduct medical camp

- To promote integral natural resource management programs

- To orient the rural people about panchayat Raj Institutional system.

- To organize income generation programmes

- To conduct skill development programmes for adults and youth especially for women

- To make available means of livelihood to all people of the area by enabling them to make the best use of their own resources and the resources of the government

- To improve the health of the people with special focus on women and children by creating awareness and enabling them to access government health facilities and schemes

- To prepare people  to demand quality education from the state especially for children, the disabled and the working children as well as to enable then to access educational facilities and schemes, especially of the government

- To create awareness among all the sections the society about the environment (climate change)and to educate them how to manage the natural resources (water,soil, forest and air).

- To promote peace and harmony among different communities by educating them for accepting and appreciating pluralism in terms of religion, culture and language

- Networking with governmental and non- Governmental agencies.

Director: Rev. Fr Thomas konnackal

Finance Administrator: Fr Poovathinkal Paul

15.HIV/AIDS Care and Control

The alarming situation in India forces us to launch emergency measures for prevention of HIV/AIDS and provide care for the victims. Saathi is the eparchial organization that in close collaboration with KIRPA            works to plan, organize and conduct HIV/AIDS care programmes following the teachings of the church. This Commission tries to :

- Promote preventive and awareness programmes in the society giving special foucs on more vulnerable sections of the society.

- Identify the victims and provide medical care and life support

- Establish care homes those marginalized in the society being infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.

- Education of the children who are infected and affected

Director: Rev.Fr Thomas Thachilattu

16.Prison Ministry

Care of the people behind bars in a ministry which is directly in tune with the teaching of Christ and gives hope for those how struggle without hope. The Commission works in collaboration with the prison ministry,

India and takes Initiative:

- To contact the jail authorities in view of regular visits to the jails at various levels.

- To organize religious programmes for prisoners

- To organize cultural progarmmes for the entertainment of the prisoners.

- To provide legal support, personal counseling and regular training programmes to prisoners

- To function as the link between prisoners and their families

- To provide assistance for the release of the prisoners

- To care the children of prisoners

- For the rehabilitation of the released prisoners

Director: Rev. Fr Jose Valiamangalam


17.Commission for the Disabled

Madhya Pradesh Vikalang Sahayata Samiti (MPVSS)is the eparchial organ for the care of the disabled. It helps in:

- The Identification and care of the disabled, their education and rehabilitation, early detection and sensitization

- Prevention of disability

- Training programmes for teachers and care takers

- Co -ordinating with the governmental and non-governmental agencies.

Director: Rev. Fr George Kachiramattam

Finance Administrator: Rev Fr Jose Pullattu

18.On-going Formation Programmes

Up- datinng is important in the life of priests and women religious. The commission:

- plans and organizes on-going formation programmes for prests and the women religious.

- organizing programmes for updating and renewal of the missionaries on theological, spiritual, canonical, moral and missionary teachings of the church.

Director: Very Rev Fr Scaria Vareeckal


Every true Christian action should flow from the worship of the church and grow with it and should culminate with worship. Therefore the liturgical commission envisages to help the liturgical life through the following initiatives:

- Training programmes

- Preparation of liturgical and para-liturgical texts with proper approval. Making them available in the local language

- Liturgical renewal and promotion of inculturation in tune with the authentic spirit and teachings of the church.Promotion of liturgical fidelity

Director: Rev.Fr Sebastian Thekkeattam

20. Word Apostolate

The Commission has the responsibility of:

- The promotion of the study of the word of god

- Organizing conventions and seminars on the word of god

- Establishing and running catholic enquiry centre.

- Conducting Bible Correspondence course

- Making Holy Bible and Biblical study materials available to the faithful and to others.

Director: Rev. Fr George Kandathinkara

21. Publications

Print media still remains one of the most influential means of evangelization. The Eparchy of Ujjain has the following publications:

UJJAIN DOOT function as the official news bulletin of the eparchy of Ujjain. Periodical publication and dissemination of evangelization programmes in the diocese is a source of motivation for all those who ate involved in it. It also function as the source of inspiration for the readers elsewhere.

Chief Editor: Rev. Fr John Koondoparambil

NAV KIRAN is the eparchial school magazine. It is an effective means of forming the students as per the Gospel values and Christian principles. students, being the main contributors it can become an influencing force among parents and entire family.

Managing Editor: Rev Fr Sebastian Mullamangalam

Chief Editor : Rev. Fr Joseph Placheril

NAVDARSHAN SANCHAR KENDRA: the Navdarshan Sanchar Kendra is an endeavor of the eparchy, functioning under the communication department. It has already brought out various catechetical and liturgical books and materials they are used in the various Syro - malabar mission eparchies.

Director: Rev Fr George Kandathinkara

Finance Administrator: Rev Fr Thomas Vazheeparampil

BOOKS: During the reporting period a number of theological, philosophical and inspirational books in Hindi and English, have been published by various priests and religious in the eparchy. In the month of October tow theological books were published form Ruhalaya Major Seminary, with the imprimatur of the bishop.

22. The District Coordinatiors

The priests who are appointed as the coordinators in the three districts of the Eparchy of Ujjain have the following responsibilities:

- Organize and preside over the District Level Meetings of missionaries and gatherings of the faithful

- Co-ordinating various apostolic activities of the district

- Ensure that Zoneal and ICC meetings are regularly and properly conducted

- Dissemination of information to Various mission centres

- Periodical reporting of the activities to the Bishop

- Function as the link between district administration and the mission centres.

UJJAIN DISTRICT           : Rev. Fr Antony Pulickamandapathil

SHAJAPUR DISTRICT     : Rev. Fr Thoppil George 

RAJGARH DISTRICT       : Rev. Fr Thevarkunnel Augustine

AGAR      DISTRICT         : Rev. Fr Varikatt Sebastian 

23.Co-ordination Council

A Co-ordination council consisting of all the directors of the apostolates along with the curia members, the seminary rectors and the major superiors in the eparchy is constituted to co-ordinate various apostolates in the eparchy. The General Convener of the council is the porto Syncellus of the Eparchy Rev Fr Vareeckal Scaria. It meets at least 3 times a year for full day session. Its purpose is to share various activities and to plan together. These meetings help in making united efforts in carrying out the pastoral missionary activities in the eparchy effectively.

24. Counselling & Career Guidance

Activities of School mentel health services, Teachers training programes, Parents orientation classes, Students counseling, Value education classes, Career orientaion classes, Educational assessments, Teacher's training and parenting skills.

Director : Rev. Fr Antony Nirappel

25. Diocesan Priests' Welfare Association (Fellowship)

President: Rev Fr Paul Kollamparambil

Secretary: Rev Fr Joseph Placheril

Treasurer: Rev Fr George Kachiramattam

26. Safe Environment Committee

Director: Rev Fr Thomas Konnackal

Secretary: Rev Fr Joseph Placheril